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Service Above Self

At the New Prague Rotary we are always looking for new members. If you are someone who enjoys networking with other professionals and neighbors and making positive impact on your community, Rotary is for you!

We give back to our community through our various activities throughout the year, in both charitable giving, fundraising, and volunteer efforts. Our big local events each year include the sponsorship of the Dozinky Days Car Cruise and our annual rose sale. Our local club also has a large focus on education and literacy, providing a New Prague High School graduating senior scholarship and sponsoring students to attend leadership and development camps each year.

If you are looking to join a group of community-oriented neighbors and do a little good, we welcome you to join.

Dan & Jon at the P.O.G. (Passing of the Gavel) party.

If you are someone who feels passionately about giving back to your community and believe in “Service Above Self”, come join us!

I am proud to be a Rotarian because...

of their support of youth in the community.

Bob Hansen

I am proud to be a Rotarian because...

Of the donation of time, talents and worldwide monies.

Dirk Berger
Retired, Bevcomm

I am proud to be a Rotarian because...

We have the opportunity to positively impact the community of New Prague with our community service and grant programs.

Matt Goldade
Financial Advisor, Lexington Advisors

I am proud to be a Rotarian because...

Of the opportunity to work with other community members to raise funds and give them back to the community.

Nancy Webb
CPA, Clausen, Schoenbauer, Seurer and Webb

I am proud to be a Rotarian because...

It’s all about giving back to the community for me! I love and appreciate the friendship of my fellow Rotarians!

Jill Rohloff
Retired, The Fitness Center, Mayo Clinic Health System



Membership Frequently Asked Questions

What does membership cost?

Membership is $181/quarter. This includes all meals and dues to the District and Rotary International.

Are membership fees tax deductible?

In most cases dues are deductible to the business sponsor/owner. Each member should consult their tax advisor for the final determination.

How many members does the New Prague Rotary currently have?

We currently have about 45 active members in our local group.

When & where does the club meet?

We meet every Thursday at 11:30 am at the New Prague Golf Club.

What is a typical meeting like?

Our meetings last for one hour and are conveniently held during lunchtime. During the first half of our meeting we enjoy a catered lunch and good conversation with our fellow Rotarians. Every week a member arranges for a speaker or group to come and present to our club. We enjoy a variety of presentations from local community members, area representatives, school choir performances, and much more. It’s never dull and we are always punctual so our members who have to leave work to attend can reliably return on time.

Can I attend a meeting before becoming a member?

Of course! Prospective members are always welcome at any of our meetings. Feel free to contact us or any Rotary member to let us know you’d like to attend, or just come on your own!

What are the requirements/obligations of being a Rotary member?

We ask that you attend 60% + of the meetings. We ask each member to contribute $100/year to the Rotary Foundation. During our annual rose sale in October, members should sell at least 15 dozen roses. Once per year typically you need to find a speaker for the week assigned to you in advance. We also ask that members help out with our Rotary Cruise night held the Friday night of Dozinky – typically the 3rd weekend of September.

How many fundraisers do you do annually?

In the past it has been mostly three – Cruise Night, Rose Sale and the Rotary Foundation, but we may do others if the need/opportunity arises.

What is the process for becoming a new member?

Typically we encourage a perspective member to come to one of our weekly meetings to see if they like what we have to offer. Once they feel comfortable with our club we ask they fill out a membership application that is presented to the Club’s Board of Directors and then the general membership. There is a 10 day waiting period before installation as a member.

I am interested in becoming a member. Who should I talk to?

A perspective member usually talks with the Membership Chairperson – currently Shannon Brusseau, but they can also speak with any current member and they will forward them to the appropriate channel.


Dan Bishop
Eric Brever
Shannon Brusseau
Monica Burtzel
Tony Buthe
Angela Charnstrom
Dr. Jon Colling
Tim Dittberner
Jeremy Dohm
Jessica Dohm
Tara Duering
Dick Eischens
Tom Gillund
Bob Hansen
Jon Hendricks
Jackie Henle
Rev. Ben Hilding
Kenzie Ingebrand
Dan Jacobson
Kirby Johnson
Mike Johnson
Sarah Kallal
Melissa Kreuser
Shelly Krueger
Chris Kubes
Mike Liepold
Kristy Mach
Matt Mies
Joshua Miller
Jim Morris
Marlene Mushitz
Luther Onken
Pat Onken
Dr. Ruth Peterka
Brent Quast
Lydia Rasmussen
Jill Rohloff
Ashley Segna
Brandon Smieja
Steve Smith
Brooke Sticha
Patrick Sullivan
Jim Terwedo
Heather Tietz
Rev. Steve Trewartha
Bob Vogel
Nancy Webb
Theresa Wenker
Hal Wilson
Bruce Wolf

Current Board

Tony Buthe

Eric Brever

Theresa Wenker

Nancy Webb

Foundation Director:
Jim Terwedo & Brooke Sticha

Membership Director:
Shannon Brusseau

PR Director:
Jessica Dohm

Youth Coordinator:
Dr. Jon Colling

Past President:
Dan Jacobson



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Our Meetings

Thursdays 11:30 am

New Prague Golf Club
400 Lexington Ave. S.
New Prague, MN

Mailing Address

PO Box 92
New Prague, MN 56071

"Service Above Self"


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Current Board

President: Tony Buthe

Membership: Shannon Brusseau

Secretary: Theresa Wenker

Treasurer: Nancy Webb

Foundation: Jim Terwedo & Brooke Sticha

PR Director: Jessica Dohm

Youth Services: Dr. Jon Colling

President Elect: Eric Brever

Past President: Dan Jacobson